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AR3 Commercial Door Controller Platform

State-of-the-art, customizable, global safety compliant solutions that guarantee the smoothest operating doors in the world.

Now you can run a multitude of door styles using one controller –
the perfect solution to help simplify your supply chain and improve your bottom line.

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Universally compatible and easy to install.

Developed for rugged warehouse environments – integrated components eliminate compatibility issues and wireless components provide placement flexibility with simple one-button configuration. A common control board and VFD means fewer variations to learn. 


Highly adaptable, pre-programmed controller.

Easily customizable controller to fit a wide range of door styles, from standard to the most unique or complex applications.


Precisely integrated drive | controller platform. 

One compact enclosure houses drive and controller platform, built-in mains filter, power brake, replaceable backup battery, and high-contrast graphic display.


Global regulatory compliance.  

Fully UL Listed – already compliant with global safety regulations. 

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Bluetooth Low Energy

Data transfer using minimal power


Reliable Performance

Continuous feedback minimizes downtime.

Energy Efficient

85% reduction in power consumption.

Future-proof Scalability

A stand-alone door solution or expand a current system. 

Robust Design

Reliably built to withstand harsh environments.

Longterm Cost Savings

Simplified supply chain reduces expenses

The AR3 Platform results from a global technology partnership between US-based BTR Controls Inc. and Europe-based SpeedTech A/S.

The NEW AR3 Platform of full-featured, UL Listed commercial door controllers is the result of a five-year development strategy to help door manufacturers improve the safety and performance of their offerings while improving supply chain efficiency and increasing their bottom line.

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AR3 Advanced Controller Simplifies your Supply Chain.

Experience the first controller platform that reduces the time-consuming, complicated and expensive process of requiring a physical controller for every door style offered. Fewer SKUs means less inventory, resulting in significant savings for you and your end-user customers.

Accelerate Your Business with AR3 Product

AR3 product is commercially designed IIOT data collection, diagnostics, performance management, 100% globally compliant, customizable to fit specific, complex door applications. Build a complete solution or use individual products to complete or expand an offering, improve performance, reduce costs. Accelerate your business with AR3 product today.

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