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Announcing the Full-featured, Variable
Speed AR3 Advanced Door Controller

A revolutionary solution designed to deliver superior performance, unrivaled simplicity, and effortless customization to all your commercial door styles - all in one sleek, powerful package.

The AR3 Controller simplifies the time-consuming, complicated, and expensive process of specifying a different controller for each door style. 


One customizable, intelligent controller covers a wide range of door styles. Fewer SKUs, less inventory, and a common platform result in significant savings.

Now you can run a multitude of door styles using one controller.

AR3 - The next generation of commercial door control
BTR Controls - A leader in door control technology
AR3 Advanced Variable Speed Controller
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The AR3 Advanced Controller is highly flexible and easily adapts to a wide range of door styles, accessories and environments.

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Drive, controller and other key features have been precisely integrated into a seamless solution that is conveniently packaged in one compact enclosure.

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Unparalleled and comprehensive approach to GLOBAL safety compliance. Pair with an AR3 Safety Sensor for maximum protection, reliability, and wireless placement flexibility.

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The integrated and universal design eliminates compatibility issues and offers simple one-button configuration. A simple user interface, intuitive operation and adaptive intelligence redefine user friendly.

Add an AR3 Wireless Safety Sensor

Experience a leap forward in performance, battery life, ease of use, and dependable operation.

AR3 Wireless Safety Sensor

AR3 Controller Specifications


■   2 Multi-feature Safety Edge Inputs – flexibility without compromising safety.

■   2 Multi-feature Photocell Inputs – flexibility without compromising safety.

■   10 Programable Inputs – flexibility to program and integrate various control devices.

■   2 Programable Relay Outputs – simple integration with other devices.

■   1A 24VDC Power Supply – provides abundant capacity for external devices.

■   Dedicated Motor Brake Connection – selectable voltage to match brake requirements.

■   Digital Encoder Interface – compatible with most common position sensors.

■   AR3 Link – the ultimate door accessories interface that redefines expansion and integration.

User Interface

■   Customizable Graphic & Text-based Menu System – understandable content and simple navigation.

■   Dynamic Multi-level Access-controlled Menus – multiple secure programming levels.

■   Built-in High Contrast OLED Graphic Display – solves environmental screen issues.

■   Multiple Language Capability – supports global and multi-lingual needs.

AR3 Group

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